Mouse and Minnow is a small celebration of animals, channeled through original art, photography, poetry, short fiction, and creative non-fiction.

It’s a don’t-you-just-love? letter, created by and for people who are captivated by all our fellow creatures.

But it’s not just about small animals

The celebration is small, as in, the newsletter is short, but the animals could be any size. They could also be any kind, so be prepared to hear as much about jellyfish and jumping spiders as jaguars and Jack Russell terriers (Check the Animal Index to see who’s already been covered).

Text of poem titled Patience reads: What do cicadas do while they wait, buried in soil, while seeds germinate? Do they dream, do they chit chat, do they practice, do they practice their song? Oh what do cicadas do for so long? By Marilyn Anne Campbell. Underneath is an ink drawing by Steve Alguire of three cicadas underground, two asleep, one singing.
Spoiler alert: They eat.

What you get

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*Most Sundays, anyway. We may take a break from time to time.

Who’s behind it

Mouse and Minnow is brought to you by a couple of critter-loving Canadians:

  • Steve Alguire is an actor, writer, and artist. He creates the original drawings that accompany each issue.

  • Marilyn Anne Campbell is a playwright and fiction writer. She spent several years working at a doggie daycare and now works in nature communication. She writes and manages the newsletter.

Steve and Marilyn are also partners in life and shenanigans. Together they go birdwatching and crayfish spotting, and share their home with two “wobbly cats”, a pair of littermates with cerebellar hypoplasia.

Ink drawing of a minnow, swimming to the right and smiling.


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A small celebration of animals. Original art and writing sent on Sundays.


Marilyn Anne Campbell
Writer of plays. Lover of nature. Guardian to wobbly cats. Celebrating animals with my partner Steve at Mouse and Minnow. Original art & a poem, short story, or other bit of creative writing about animals every Sunday. www.MarilynAnneCampbell.com