Mouse and Minnow: Explore Previous Issues by Animal

Welcome to Mouse and Minnow, a free weekly newsletter where we like to pause and appreciate animals of all kinds. Featuring original artwork, poetry, short fiction, or creative non-fiction, each issue is a small, loving celebration of the creatures that share this world. (Not a subscriber? Visit the Mouse and Minnow about page to learn more and sign up!)

Substack makes it easy to browse old issues by date, but since this is a newsletter for animal lovers we thought it only right to also let you explore the archive by featured animal:

Animal Index

Insects & Other Arthropods

Cicadas - “The Constant Cicada

Damselflies - “Magic and Menace

Moth, Hummingbird clearwing - “A Pretty Perplexing Pollinator


Bowerbird, MacGregor’s - “Mr. MacGregor’s Opus

Loon, Common - “Of Common Loons and Crystal Lakes

Pigeon, Feral - “City Pigeon Strut

Mammals, including Marsupials

Beaver, North American - “A Ballad for Beavers

Opossum, Virginia - “Poems for Opossums

Reptiles & Amphibians

Frog, Budgett’s - “A Frog Eat Frog World

Snake, Dekay’s Brownsnake - “Limericks for a Lil’ Snake


Tuna, Atlantic Bluefin - “Becoming Fish

Wrasse, Bluestreak Cleaner - “Talking Up a Bluestreak